About Us

Our Mission

To care for individuals and marriages impacted by relational brokenness, leading them into personal healing and transformation through Christ.


Our Purpose

  • We provide counseling, relational skills training, and healing for relational and sexual brokenness.
  • We equip churches and leaders to restore the relationally and sexually broken.

What We Believe

  • In one God: revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
  • Forgiveness comes through faith in Jesus Christ, and the power to overcome our character defects comes through the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives and our cooperation with that work.
  • The Bible teaches that any sexual practice outside an exclusive male/female marriage is contrary to God’s will.
  • That same-sex attractions are often a subconscious response to unmet nurturing needs from childhood that are later sexualized in puberty and adulthood.
  • That growth out of sexual addictions, gender confusion or homosexuality is possible for all who are truly committed to Christ and his will.
  • In the church (when it is biblically expressed) as God’s primary agent of grace and freedom for the sexually and relationally broken person.
  • The body of Christ must speak openly about the brokenness in its own ranks and provide a safe place for healing.
  • The body of Christ must be a “sex positive” atmosphere that actively promotes the goodness and pleasures of sex within marriage.
  • We believe it must remove any unnecessary shame or embarrassment about sex carried by married couples or abstinent singles looking forward to marriage.

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