Hope When All Seems Lost

by | Sep 1, 2021 | NewsFlash

Dear Mike,

Thank you for helping me with all my questions about my gender-confused son.

Thank you for this amazing ministry! My family is so grateful for your help!


Just a few days before receiving this note, Aaron and Brenda had requested prayer for their family, especially their son.

They had stumbled across a photo of Jim wearing makeup and women’s clothes. Assuming he was part of some fraternity prank, they confronted him when he called home a few days later.

As time seemed to stand still, Jim informed them that he was no longer their son  “Jim,” but their daughter “Jamie.” He shared about the hormone therapy which was underway and living with other men who were transitioning to become females. Jim confessed to feeling like a woman born in a man’s body and presented them with a choice. They could either accept him now, as a woman or admit they didn’t love him anymore.

Aaron and Brenda were heartbroken.

Devastated by the gut-wrenching news, they never could have imagined receiving a call like this. Raised in a Christian home and following Jesus at a young age, how could God allow this to happen to Jim?

Their first call after receiving the news was to their pastor for help. He added them to the church’s prayer line and offered counseling for the son if he agreed to it. Beyond that, there was not much else the pastor could offer.

Appreciative of the offer, and knowing the power of prayer, Aaron accepted. But he was still desperate to find help for him and Brenda to deal with this traumatizing news.

Full of questions, with feelings of shame, loneliness, and isolation, they desperately needed to know…

  • Do we call our son by his new female name?
  • Should we accept his new female identity?
  • What if he disowns us because we do not accept him?

How are we ever going to accept all the consequences that go along with this decision?

Reaching out to them, I let Aaron and Brenda know they were not alone in this struggle. New Creation Ministries offers counseling services for families facing gender confusion, providing support and encouragement for them. Real, practical Biblically based answers are available for their questions. I also connected them with a nationwide support group that NCM partners with. They provide support, prayer, and a monthly testimony of changed lives for those who have left the transgender or same-sex attraction lifestyle.

A few weeks later, I received the note above. While their journey is far from over, they had hope and resources for the process.

Aaron and Brenda are not alone. Over the past few months, New Creation Ministries has received an increasing number of calls from worried parents. Devastated and looking for help with the gender dysphoria their child is experiencing, they need answers.

For most, the parents have contacted their local church, but they have no resources to handle the family crisis. By God’s provision, this is where New Creation Ministries is able to step in.

God has graciously given our counselors the necessary skills to deal with this type of sexual brokenness. But we need your continued support to carry this on. It is only through your ongoing support that we are able to continue ministering to families and individuals.

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