On the evening of September 20th, 2018 at our annual banquet I told our guests that God was doing something. I said,

“For years we have had a great burden to see to it that people everywhere have access to the healing tools Jesus has given us at NCM. We are praying, planning, and preparing to produce a video curriculum that can be used by any small group anywhere in the world.

We want to make it user-friendly, affordable, and easy to understand. But we also want it to be highly effective in helping people see the root issues and the crucial steps that must be covered in order for sexually broken people to heal. We feel these issues are not being addressed well in lots of recovery groups around the country. We very much want to remedy that. “

Since then we have worked tirelessly to produce these resources. Last year we rolled out our first series The Marriage Matrix. This video curriculum and workbook are available to anyone who wants to strengthen their marriage or deal with some of the pressing issues which couples face. What I share in this series comes out of my almost thirty years of counseling experience with over one thousand clients (many of them couples).

With the daily attacks and frustrations facing Christian couples, this is a much-needed resource. Whether studied individually or in a couples group, this material holds keys that will liberate your marriage in areas you never thought possible.

It is with equal excitement that we make another announcement: our second video-based series is now available! The Breaking Free Series is a thirteen-part curriculum for men. This resource is decades in the making based on my book Breaking Free which has helped thousands of men start their recovery journey. The study focuses on men who struggle with sexual temptation. For men who’ve wrestled with the heartbreak of sexual addiction, this curriculum will help you understand the root issues and find victory. If you are serious about bringing this part of your life into alignment with Jesus, this study is for you.

I know these are bold claims but I don’t make them lightly. So many things set The Breaking Free Series apart from every other curriculum or group approach.

Number one, it is thirteen sessions long (not six months or a year). We realize that these issues don’t resolve themselves quickly but Breaking Free gets right to the point and gets men talking honestly.

Number two, the series promotes intimacy with Jesus as the healing agent. While other twelve-step ministries and accountability groups tackle important issues, they often leave the deeper roots untouched. This causes many men to fall into the same revolving door recovery without knowing why.

Number three, the series identifies underlying issues which many men have never really looked at (even after years of recovery work).

Number Four, any man, who is serious about change, can take the insights from this curriculum and lead the study. It is designed to be led by average Christian guys (with no specialized skills or ministry training) who are willing to learn and let Jesus work in their lives. The accompanying Leader’s Guide enables group leaders to have a clear grasp of the material and present it in a small group setting.

Number Five, it is geared toward small groups and can be used by three men or seven. This is helpful for those who don’t want to launch a big men’s ministry. Or those who find themselves in remote areas without lots of resources.

Number Six, you don’t have to join a national organization and pay huge sums for resources, training, and conferences. The Leader’s Guide is very thorough and walks through most of the scenarios they are likely to encounter. It is a small Bible school and leadership training program packed into one.

Number Seven, the material is consistent with NCM’s revolutionary approach which has helped thousands of men since 1983.

Number Eight, additional guidance is available for those who desire further training or mentoring in running their groups. Our goal is to put this material into the hands of every person who wants to help other men (starting with himself) grow in spiritual and sexual health.

Designed to be user-friendly and “plug and play,” it is accessible, affordable, and do-able. Thoughtful Christians, men’s leaders, pastors, or counselors who want to confront the biggest challenge facing men today now have a tool within their reach.

Finally, a healing ministry for men can be squarely put back where it belongs: in the local church.

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