Thank you for the continued ministry support through your prayers and financial gifts. We are definitely seeing God’s hand at work in the many individuals and couples that HE sends to us. The ministry has been very busy, and we want to let everyone know about a few happening since the beginning of the year.

Reaching Out to Leaders in Need

Since last year, we have felt the Lord challenging us to reach out to the many pastors and ministry leaders who struggle with sexual brokenness. You do not have to look far in the media to see how many have fallen just in the past few months. As Russell has stated, “We need to blow the lid off the conspiracy of silence that reigns in our church culture.” So, we have been working to connect and serve these pastors and ministry leaders before they destroy their lives, families, churches, and the organizations they represent. As we have increased our outreach to them, God has brought many pastors and ministry leaders in for counseling. They come from across the nation for help, and it is amazing to learn how they discovered New Creation Ministry. It’s a privilege to help them, and their families, experience healing through our Lord.

God recently opened doors with a major denominational leader who arranged for Russell to do a presentation for their pastors. The presentation occurred during one of their pastoral training times, and we were able to provide confidential follow-up for those with concerns. The presentation was very well received and we look forward to helping them.

A few months ago, the Full Strength Network contacted us. This organization helps pastors and ministry leaders who may need counseling, and one of the focuses is sexual brokenness. This organization believes in monitoring Pastors’ well-being and connecting them to resources to help. They believe that healthy pastors lead healthy churches and healthy churches change the world. They told us that out of four hundred organizations that are part of their network, they have not received a higher recommendation then that of New Creation Ministries. They provide funding so that pastors can afford the counseling services. Their staff asked us if we were willing to present intensive workshops that would cater to ministry leaders and their spouses. They offered to fly our staff to a retreat setting to conduct these. Once again the lord is confirming what HE has put on our hearts a few years ago and that is to reach out to ministry leaders.

Serving our community from their search window

We are very excited and blessed to recently learn of a grant from Google which allows us to advertise on their search engine for free. We have been developing our marketing platform, this past year, and we now have the means to optimize Google’s search engine capabilities. When a person types in certain “keywords” related to relational brokenness, marriage problems, sexual addiction, etc., they will be then shown a link and/or advertising about NCM. It is our hope that they will then go to our website and eventually contact us for counseling and/or purchase one of our products such as The Marriage Matrix for individual or small group study.

Impacting Marriages

We are also excited to announce that our new series called The Marriage Matrix is now available for purchase on our website. This series is a practical video-based curriculum that addresses the myths and imbalances that plague many marriages. The series contains six sessions on video, a workbook and a leader’s guide. This can be used by couples or as a small group study. We invite you to go to our website and download a free preview of it.