Breaking Free

A Men’s Bible Study Series

Understanding Sexual Addiction & the Healing Power of Jesus

In this practical video-based series for men, Russell Willingham focuses¬† on men’s struggle with sexual temptation.

Drawing from personal experience and the stories of those he has counseled, Russell brings understanding to the root issues of sexual addiction and how to find victory.

With videos to watch, a workbook, and group discussions Breaking Free will help bring this part of your life into alignment with Jesus.

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  • Based on Breaking Free, Russell Willingham’s successful book (now in it’s 18th printing and helping thousands of men start their recovery journey)¬†
  • Videos featuring Russell Willingham
  • 13 small-group sessions designed to get men talking honestly
  • Individual Workbook for personal study and reflection
  • Leader’s Guide which enables group leaders to understand the material and present it in a small group setting


  • Promotes intimacy with Jesus as the key healing agent and source of long term recovery
  • Identifies the underlying issues which fuel sexual addiction and make recovery challenging
  • Can be lead by average Christian guys with no specialized skills or ministry training¬†
  • Created with small group usage in mind, and works with groups of 3 or more
  • Detailed Leader’s Guide which covers most scenarios leaders are likely to encounter
  • This revolutionary approach is has been clinically proven by thousands of men since 1983
  • Additional guidance is available for those in need of training or mentoring in running their groups.
  • User-friendly and “plug and play”
  • A tool for thoughtful Christians, men’s leaders, pastors or counselors who want to confront the biggest challenge facing men today

Free Resource

Breaking Free: Essential Five

One reason we continue running to our sexually compulsive behaviors is because we have a broken God-image (a warped view of God).  

Find out the truth about God and why we can turn to Him in this FREE video clip from Breaking Free.

Video taken from Breaking Free by Russell Willingham. Copyright (c) 2021 by Russell Willingham and New Creation Ministries. Used by permission.