Counseling Services

Providing counseling services, relational skills training, and healing for relational issues, trauma, and sexual brokenness.

Individual Counseling

Faith-based counseling that gets to the root causes of why we struggle in our intimate relations

Support Groups

Small confidential group sessions, teaching people how to relate to God and each other in honest, vulnerable ways.

Freedom is Available

At New Creation Ministries we know that you want to be free from the brokenness of your past.

For some, it’s pornography addictions, affairs, betrayals, and a host of other battles. For others, it’s childhood trauma that affects how they cope with adult situations.

Eventually, the stress becomes so great it affects your marriage, children, employment, and spiritual life. Without help, the end result can be catastrophic.

The key to recovery is identifying the triggers that drive you back to your issues again and again.

The problem is, guilt and fear make you remain silent, which leaves you overwhelmed and feeling like you’ll never be free.

We believe freedom is available and it requires a foundation built on Jesus. While the process can seem overwhelming, we’ve walked along-side thousands in individual and group counseling over the past 35 years, and look forward to helping you.

The beautiful thing NCM did for our marriage was help my wife work on her stuff and me work on my stuff and my relationship with the Lord. As we did this, Jesus inevitably brought us back together again, because that’s the God we serve.
Ryan E

My counselor at NCM immediately recommended that I involve people in my struggle. He always told me, ‘It was in relationship that you were broken, it will be in relationship that you are healed.’ As excited as I am about the miracles God has done in my life, it pales in comparison to him bringing me home to his love. Thank you NCM for helping me come home to my Father’s love.

Kim J

NCM was different. After my first counseling session I felt as though I had some real answers. Best of all, I heard God saying to me that He was going to save me and raise me up from the ash-heap.

Getting Started is Easy


Speak to Our Staff

Call the office and speak with Vanessa at the front desk to learn about our services and get started.

Book an Appointment

Schedule a time to meet with a counselor to begin your healing process.

1st Session!

Come to the office, or attend your session remotely, and start your path to personal healing.

Why we do it

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! (2 Corinthians 5:17 – NIV)

Since 1983, this scripture has driven New Creation Ministries.

From our early years working with those struggling with sexual brokenness, to our work serving married couples and those suffering from trauma and relational brokenness, God has been faithful.

In the process we’ve seen amazing breakthroughs and life-changes occur. After working with tens of thousands, we’ve learned that this lasting, long-term change requires a foundation built on intimacy with Jesus. An intimacy that takes time and requires learning and hearing from God for new creation to be complete.

The men and women who do this, allow the new creation deposited in them to grow and become visible. Ultimately this is what glorifies God and draws others to himself.

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