The Marriage Matrix

A Couples Bible Study Series

The Tool That Will Change Your Life

Is your marriage all you hope it can be?

In this practical video-based marriage series, Russell Willingham addresses the myths and imbalance that plague many marriages.

Drawing from 28+ years of counseling ministry and biblical teaching, Russell shares the four things which every healthy marriage must contain: Communication, Fun, Sex, and Partnership.

With videos to watch, a couples workbook, and group discussions The Marriage Matrix will change your marriage relationship.

Trailer and Promo Clips


  • Videos featuring Russell Willingham
  • 6 small-group sessions
  • Couples Workbook for personal study and discussion
  • Leaders Guide for small-group leader to prep each session
  • Promotional Video
  • Church Promotional Tools


  • See your marriage through a relational lens instead of the confusing (and often ineffective) lenses through which most of us view it.
  • Learn how men and women seek the same thing but come at it from different angles.
  • Recognize the invisible forces negatively influencing your marriage so you can see them, stop them, and be married in a whole new way.
  • Discover which fights are a waste of time and which ones you absolutely must have.
  • Chart a course through the upcoming challenges of marriage if you are newlyweds.
  • Refocus if your marriage has lost its vision at the ten or twenty-year mark.
  • Find out the number one mistake couples make in mid-life and late-life and how to avoid it.
  • Understand how marriage doesn’t pull you away from spirituality but serves as the primary staging area for it.
  • Get questions answered about communication, sex, money, children, in-laws and so much more!

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