by Russell Willingham

The NCM team recently led an event at a local church. At that event, a member of their congregation testified that he had visited NCM years ago. He needed help with a lifelong sex addiction that was destroying him and his family. The hours he spent with our counselors, he said, were life-changing. And Jesus began setting him free from his secret bondage. Now, after experiencing much healing, he has become a key leader in his church, helping other men find healing from their sexual brokenness.

He told the audience, “At one point everyone in my family was in counseling at NCM. And it made all the difference in the world!”

His wife was forever changed. Their marriage is more trusting and intimate than it’s ever been. Since then, she has led groups for betrayed spouses, sharing with them the hope and restoration Jesus has given her.

His son addressed his own pornography addiction, and he has grown into a healthy young man with a family of his own. He also helps men and young people to experience wholeness in Christ.

The estrangement he and his daughter once experienced is no more. They talk all the time and consider the relationship a joyous friendship between two adults.

This is the powerful redemption of God moving through one family and out into the larger body of Christ.

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