Through the years of ministering to individuals and couples we have received many encouraging notes. Recently we received this wonderful letter from a person who was deeply impacted by our ministry:

Hi, Russell:

It’s been a few months since we had a session, and I wanted to give you a quick update on how I am doing. 

I had planned to meet sooner, but time restraints got in the way. First, we went on a family vacation, and then my whole family got sick with Covid. Thankfully, we all recovered. With family commitments and then my work schedule, I didn’t get around to scheduling a session. My apologies.

I want to let you know that I’m doing great. I have not struggled at all with impure thoughts or actions. Any time Satan throws these old things at me, I am to be able to dismiss them with the tools you gave me. I am only too aware that most men don’t experience this level of freedom (I certainly didn’t for many years). But I was desperate, and God was gracious. I am still pornography-free. I haven’t had any issues or relapses with porn for five years (when I vowed to my wife and God that I would quit). By God’s grace, a lot of hard work, and your support, I have kept that promise. 

The main reason I am writing you is to thank you from the depths of my soul for what Christ did for me through you. You taught me to not play games with this, and to get serious about the changes I needed to make. I see through the religiosity I lived in for so many years. But, most of all, you helped me see the truth of who I am to Jesus. I knew that in my head, of course, but now I know it in my bones. You helped me see all the ways the Lord was loving me through the years (that I totally missed). And, best of all, you showed me how to receive his loving affirmation in the here-and-now. 

Next to my initial commitment to Christ, the revelation that Jesus truly loves me, values me as a treasure, and seeks to have a relationship with me individually has been the most freeing factor in my life. I have often referred to my time with you in counseling as my “second born-again experience.” It was that transformational. I am passionate now about passing along the message of Christ’s love and His longing for a relationship with us. I have shared this with various groups I’ve had the honor of speaking to. And I can’t help but share it with individuals in my church, members of my family, and the every-day people God brings into my life. 

I literally can’t thank you enough for what you wrote in Breaking Free and what you spoke to me in our sessions. You helped me grow from a nominal Christian into a man who knows how to live in God’s love. Thank you, brother, I am not the same person.

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